Alright, so I'm on the verge of mastering my first full-length song (so far I can only play "Happy Birthday" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" ). Anywho, I'm having a problem positioning my fingers for a certain part in the song:


I'm having problems w/ the 202202 (2nd half) part, but wanted show you what came before it. I've tried doing 1x22x3 (figured it was worth a try), and also tried 1x23x4 (cramped as hell doing this), and both fail miserably ringing out the strings correctly. That 2nd half is the only part of the song I'm really screwing up on, but it's kind of a necessity to learn for the song...so, if anyone has any ideas on how to play this, please let me know. I've also barred it (out of frustration, I gave it a shot), and it sounds okay...but, if there's a way for me to play it in the "official" manner, I'd prefer that way.

Edit I'm not sure if I did the 1x22x3 or 1x23x4 correct or not, I placed my index on the 6th string, so I believe it should actually be 3x22x1 & 4x32x1
also tried 1x23x4

That's how I would play it.
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Quote by Ach-med
That's how I would play it.

It's the "easiest" so far, but the thing is, my fingers are kind of fat, so there's not a lot of room before the notes start buzzing...and, if I fix that, it's just as bad as playing it as 1x22x3
I would try placing your 1st finger on the low e (thickest string) and placing your following fingers in the same order. like...


your going to have to turn your hand sideways to do that, but thats how i would try it. i've done the same thing but i only had to use 3 fingers so idk how it'd be with 4.