So I was at a friends yesterday and she said something about the dead bald eagle in her freeze. When I heard what she said I ran into her garage and threw open the freezer grabbed the eagle and headbutted it. Now there is a bruise on my forehead.
Something about her being native and her tribe says shes allowed to have the body. She said her mom found it and for some reason they have the body.

But I felt I should share.

Anyone else do anything badass today or yesterday?
i went to six flags and saw someone punch a manager in the face cause he was charged 70 bucks for a meal for him and his three kids.

keeping the only quasi successful ug meme alive...

russel... what the ****!?
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Would've been cooler if it was still alive.

And flying.

And armed with wing-mounted missiles.

Only pansies headbutt frozen opponents.
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pics or it didnt happen
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Denny Crane.

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touche vman, touche

mate. feed. kill. repeat.
let me just take a second to make sure i got this straight.

youre at your friends house.
she tells you she has a dead bald eagle in her freezer.
for cultural, probably significant purposes.
your immediate reaction is to headbutt it,
not only offending the remains of our national bird,
but also offending your friends heritage.

did i miss anything?