I finally own a tube amp. It is a Laney VC50. It was 2nd hand and had cobwebs in it and that, so I'm guessing the previous owner hadn't played it in a while.

After playing on it for a while (it sounded great) I decided to open it up and look at the tubes. Most of pre-amp tubes were JJ ECC 83, some were Ruby 12AX7's. The power amp tubes were no names. I'm guessing they are the stock E881's, because the bias switch is on E881 mode (possibly 6L6s). The seller provided a "replacement set" of pre-amp tubes, which were an assortment of sovteks and unlableds. They were probably the old ones that were in there before the JJs.

I'm thinking of definetly swapping the power amp tubes and maybe the pre amp tubes if it isn't too expensive. I'm pretty sure I want EL34's and I hear JJ make the best. I am looking to play mostly metal, and I mean the 80's stuff, from Judas Priest to some earlier Metallica and Megadeth type stuff.

Also, it seems to be really noisy, and make squealing sounds when I bump the strings or do something like that. Should I invest in a pedal such as an ISP Decimator?
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bump. this is relevant to my interests.

but not to just be a burden, i would imagine an isp decimator would be exactly what youre looking for.
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