Okay so I have an Epiphone G400 guitar at current, and I'm looking at getting a shiny new pickup for my bridge, most likely a Seymour Duncan Sh4 JB and in time a new neck pickup, now I know, my wood my guitar is made out of isn't Gibson grade cause it's eastern. But does anyone know the internal differances between my SG and a Gibson? Like electronic wise and stuff (I know it's not the same pickups)

It would be a help


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lower quality electronics. the caps are going to be less responsive, you'll probably be more likely to have shielding problems with an epi, and the pickup selector switches are known to break off occasionally. just get a SG wiring kit over at stewmac.com and replace everything.
Gibson is better.
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Different pickups, different potentiometers, jacks, switches.

Either Gibson or Epiphone, the electronics suck and have to go out. The Gibson pots on my les paul were pretty ****ty, rolling off the volume made the tone muddy and dulled out any top end brightness I had by a noticeable amount. Check out an RS kit as well.
theres not much on the inside besides what cutslikedrugs said. there is ALOT of difference in feel and looks though. and price. mostly the price difference, actually.
how do I sort out shielding problems? would a kit sort it?

would this be part of my tremdous feedback issue with this guitar?
would a kit from stewmac be the best way for me to go, also baring in mind I'd have to import it from US to UK do you know of a uk suplier that sells these kits, and are these kits better than Gibson parts?
Maybe, but alot of things play into feedback. I would get one of those wiring kits, and while you're at it and the insides are gutted, shield the control cavity for good measure. But first see if your feedback is from bad grounding / bad cables / standing too close to the amp / using too much gain / etc...

Either way, it's worth the extra money to replace the other electronics while you're at it if you plan on swapping pups.
i suggest geeting good pickups. that's a start. you seem to be into a lot of different bands, but mainly hard rock. i suggest the JB humbucker from Seymour Duncan, well balanced tone and it's afforable.
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The JB was what I've been looking at, as it's a fantastic pickup and reading into it everyone from Iron Maiden to My Chemical Romance use it so I think it's gonna be good for me.

To eliminate feedback I've got to move a long way from my amp, wheras I don't have that problem from my cheapo £100 guitar, but then I guess the pickups are lower output?

How do I sheild the control cavity?

is it best to get my local guitar workshop to do this for me?