if i wanted to record myself for an online band type of thing, what would i need and how much would it cost. at the moment, i have an interviewing recorder that works but has bad quality. also, how do you edit and lay tracks over each other? how much will that software cost me?

as you can tell, im a total noob when it comes to electronics and recording.
If you are running a Mac, you could use the Garage Band program that should have come with your computer. Then you just need to add like a $90 M-Audio deal that connects your guitar through a USB port.

As for a non-Mac, someone else take this one please
Go for a M-Audio Fast Track USB or similar USB audio interface. The Toneports are also popular starting interfaces.

Get a mic like a Shure SM58 or Behringer XM8500 and plug it into the interface.

For software you can get Audacity or Reaper.