i just finished building my first build and the action is a bit high on the higher strings for my liking. how can i lower the action without using the bridge? its already as low as it goes. also, some frets of the higher frets (17+) on my low e string have been slightly buzzing. i have adjusted the action for these strings to be a bit higher to prevent the buzzing but these strings are now also too high for my liking (but can be adjusted back). how can i prevent this buzzing with keeping the low action?
might need to shim the neck pocket
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thats wat i was thinking, its gona be a pain restringing it :S i was trying to prevent that lol
why are you playing on your low E string that high?
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shimming should help, but you could (although i'd doubt you'd want to) always recess the bridge...

but that's not always the best way to go.