I went to the music store today, and to my surprise they were sold out of the Strat I was looking for. I didn't want to go to Guitar Center to get it because at the music store they have this really good discount for a while, but they were out of stock on the strat I was looking for. I figured I'd just wait until a few more days.

Now, I went to Guitar Center and was pretty much glad I didn't go straight into buying a guitar, for I didn't try out the Lonestar yet, which is around $500. The strat I was looking into was $400 but was a standard.

Your thoughts? By the way, the music store has this thing where you get a free set of strings a month plus two free setups. Good deal eh? They don't do that at Guitar Center...

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Quote by FireandFlames
Wait, you mean a Mesa Lonestar? for $500?

that is rather perplexing.