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no but a strap is a strap? Unless your strap happens to be 2 shoelaces tied together.

I rocked that for a while.
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umm.... why does it matter? have a little originality!!!! i say go get caution tape from the dollar store and use that. screw what slash uses, it won't make you any more like him.
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I agree, use your own opinions, i got mine a guitar center its looks like caution tape.
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does it really matter? a strap is a strap. Get one that looks cool or one thats simple.
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I picked up a pretty similar strap, its a super thing and long Levy black suede strap. It was $60 which is pretty steep, but I got a discount so it ended up being around $45 with tax. Just look around. You'd be better off going to the strap section at some music store and searching until you find something you like.
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I want to get one of those elastic ones Buckethead uses but I can't find any
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I do believe his strap is custom made. IIRC its just a simple creation he made when he first started playing. He did all the leatherwork/embroidery himself. It's just some good thread picked up at an Embroidery Creations, some metal studs thrown on, hairs from satan's left ass check to hold everything together, and a tanned fetus carcass.
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well after spending a minute looking at a five second youtube clip and on guitar centers site i found one that looks like his:


if you take off the shoulder pad thing its pretty much it. but i dont see why since it'll dig into your shoulder like hell. theres tons more that look like that on there as well

but i suggest this one:


omfgz buckle
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