I was at a local concert today and did a bit of moshing. I drove home and went into the bathroom and noticed a strange brown substance on my shirt. At first I thought it was blood, but it smells like chocolate. What the hell, pit, how does something like this happen?

someone probably spilt chocolate on you
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I got chocolate on me at a GNR concert, but then again, the opening acts were pretty much strippers, and they used chocolate syrup at some points.
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touche sir.
i'm reminded of that scene in Joe Dirt where he's taking a shower and screams "I got the poo on me!!!"
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i'm reminded of that scene in Joe Dirt where he's taking a shower and screams "I got the poo on me!!!"

Damn, beat me to it.
Eat it, it's the only way to make sure. Or better yet, have someone else test it for you.

^^And +1 to Joe Dirt.
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LOL, you got poo'd!
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somebody pooped on you, its a disease


correct me if im wrong?
but u sir hav been pooed on
My brother found a small blood stain on his shirt after moshing once. Odd thing, that.
Have you never seen sweat that gets bits of fabric on it and dries??
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Hate to break it to ya, but...that ain't chocolate.

At least you haven't been cummed on at a concert ( I have) or gotten a full view of a chick masturbating to No One Knows. Wait, that's an awesome thing.
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