If i can take my 1500 watt rms sub amplifier and 3 15 inch subs, a 3.5mm cord with a converter piece to make it work with guitar, and a converter to make it work with the RCAs, why can't i do this?

I've done this, it was very very loud. Very loud..... Looooooud.

So why do most bass amps max out at like 500 watts?
They don't?
You can get bass amps going up to huge wattages, you just don't need that much.
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bass speakers are not the of the exactly same principle as the ungh-tss ungh-tss ungh-tss ungh-tss subwoofers you'd use in a car

you don't need to deafen people at subaudible ranges

a bass guitar has got like...midrange and treble and stuff too
Most bass amps max at 500 watts because that's the most you would need; any venue that needed more than a 500 watt amp would have its own PA. And there are bass amps that are about 2k watts, look up Crown amps.
Yes yes guys good input.

The 1500 watts wouldn't deafen anyone at high decibel. You can get to about 135 without getting into any trouble with low frequencies. And yes i know that most bass amps have mids and very little treble. They could be separately powered, and therefore not kill anyone haha.

Also, high wattage speakers that are of good quality will not only be louder but a lot clearer. Having that overhead of massive wattage even if you were only going about 105 DB's means you have a pretty clear 105