Hi! I've decided to start learning how to play the guitar but I'm not sure if I should start off with an Acoustic guitar or an electric guitar. I enjoy most forms of rock, mostly music that uses electric guitars, and there are quite a few acoustic songs I also like. Apparently it's best to learn Acoustic first as it makes your fingers stronger and it's easier to adjust to electric later on instead of the other way around?

So basically what I'm asking is what do you guys think, and which one did you start with?
i started with an acoustic. most do, thats what i would do. most who i know that started guitar, have not continued to pursue it, and acoustic is cheaper and requires less maitenance
it depends on what you want to play more. acoustic or electric really is your option. i choose to play acoustic first because 1. it eliminates the amp thing and 2. acoustic is more a rhythm thing (ironically you can play it by itself) over electric which is a lead thing (which also ironically sounds not as great as when you have a backing band).

i love acoustic though. when you find one that calls out to you, it's like you've fallen in love with it.

i don't know too much about low end electrics but if you do pick electric, do pick something like an epiphone. great guitars in general, good for the money. forget squires, they suck.
if you pick acoustic, go to the store and try out some yamaha's, alvarez, and seagulls. yamaha is definitely a great choice for a beginning acoustic. alvarez is also great and seagulls definitely has a great tone. make sure when you look for an acoustic you look for a solid top, this is very important that you find one.
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I started off with acoustic and have resently moved to electric.
I think it's good because thats the way I did it.
You can learn bad habits on an electric aswell.

Also you can get a cheaper acoustic just in case you find guitar isn't for you
then you not wasting over £100.

hope this helps andyou get very sucessful with your guitar