My friend's working on a film project and she asked me to make roughly 30 seconds of music to play just before an "epic battle" as she calls it. I put together something but I'm not too sure about it, it's on my profile and I'll crit songs for anyone who gives useful advise on how to improve it. If you're wondering, I played it all on my $150 Casio keyboard and recorded with Audacity so you can tell my budget's a little tight, I'm doing it for free after all.
a link would be helpful
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a link would be helpful

It's on my profile.

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between what type of characters?

Not too sure, all I know is that it's a final battle between 2 lifelong rivals.
it sounds too plain. try adding layers of the same thing (maybe a higher octave or a harmony) but with different instruments on ur keyboard.
GENERAL: i think a slower drum beat would sound more epic. Maybe a loud gong or deep bass drum half as often as the beat now (keep the tempo, just a gong like "1-per-bar"? i think you have a snare/bass drum "2-per-bar")

FOR THE ENDING: no fade out also... I think you should finish with a big "vocal ah's" noise, adding a 3rd really high harmony, maybe an octave up from the root "vocal".. maybe a big "1 2 3 4 5" with like big-sounding drums at the end in the original 2-per-bar beat you have.

i hope you have the ability/budget to do so. Midi can be a pain in the ass if you can't get those sounds, but it sure would make it work.. I know you can do the 3rd harmony and probably something with the drums. only my opinion though, you dont have to take my advice

anywaays, offering c4c? it would be much appreciated, kind sir.

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umm idk it kinda reminds of the music in pokemon when ur gonna battle a legendary pokemon.

thats what i thought as soon as i heard it too lol
Just a thought here...

If it is for a film i think that you should definatly try and suit the music to the actual scene, especially if its an epic battle or the climax of the film. I mean adding a 5 second silence at the end, only to come in with the epic battle music itself.

If its preparation for the battle then perhaps try more of a persistant sound, if its a build-up you want, try and start with a low velocity and increase it, perhaps on the drums in the back.

I think it definatly is suited for the situation, but more dynamics and more feel will definatly make it more dramatic, and thats what you want to make the piece fit scene.