Amazing, unsigned (why, i don't know!), kickass band.
check them out myspace.com/pmtodaymusic

sounds kinda like (they have a pretty distinct sound) fall of troy i'd say but idk i cant really think of another band.
hmmm...ur giving some me HIGH expectations here.
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How do they sound like the Fall Of Troy?

They don't really offer anything new or fresh at all.
ummm well maybe if you listen to the way he plays guitar its pretty similar. The way he pulls off to open notes alooot (both fot and pmtoday do that frequently..), not so much his voice, but i mean if you just compare their guitars it sounds like if Thomas Erak was almost playing for this band, just hes not showing as much skill..which isnt nessessarily (sp?ahh) a bad thing but idk.

Whats so not fresh about them?
Hmm, this is better then I thought it would be. They're kind of like The Fall of Troy mixed with Four Year Strong. Not super original but not bad.
I'm not sure the whole pulling off to open strings is that original....even to Fall Of Troy...

but I'll give these guys a listen.

Edit: first impression is good. as rylan said, not really anything new, but that doesn't mean they're not good.

singer gets a bit whiny sounding sometimes though...
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im not saying pulling off to open strings is OG im just sayin it reminds me of FOT lol
this album is amazing. the entire thing is so good. buy it.
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