Yes the title is a bit weird but I think it fits the song. I just put it on my profile and I would love some feedback. There are a few other songs on my profile worth listening too such as, "Set in Stone" and "Burning Daylight" they are both quite a bit more heavy. Thanks.
first off, about the playing, i enjoyed it and you definitely have some talent. I really enjoy the progression thing around 1:20-1:35. However, the entirely treated guitar gets a bit old; 4 minutes of heavily phased guitar. Its very funky, but is it organized? Its a fun improv of funky soloing and whatnot, but at least from looking at the title, i thought i would be hearing a funk jam based around one rhythm for like 5 minutes lol. Enjoyable, but not really a song as i thought it would be. fun to listen to, though. i'll admit it, i just wish there were more funk guitarists making music... well, i enjoyed your experimenting with funk, since your profile does say you play metal. well played.

c4c? would be much appreciated

Saying the Red Hot Chili Peppers have no talent is like saying Guy Fawkes didn't have an epic mustache.
That's cool tone you got there. The riffs are really cool, were you just improvising the whole thing? You should add more instruments though, cause this gets really repetitive. But you did a really good job with just the playing, anyway. I'd like to hear more stuff like this!

That wasn't much of a crit, but if you could crit mine, that would be great.

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