I own a Jackson Pro Series DK2M Dinky

Currently its just stock:

Bridge Pickup Seymour Duncan JB TB4 Humbucking Pickup
Middle Pickup N/A
Neck Pickup Seymour Duncan Jazz SH2N Humbucking Pickup

Was looking for advice on whether or not new pups are worth the money

Im playing through a Spider 3 Line 6 amp

I play metal/rock, from Megadeth to Children of Bodom

any advice getting new pick ups would be nice
You wouldn't get an appreciable difference in tone playing through your current amp - amp first - then fine tune with pickups.
the pick ups in your guitar right now are great...why would you even think about new ones?
Upgrade the amp first, especially cause its a spider. You won't notice a big difference in tone with upgrading pickups contrary to popular belief with a beginner style amp. Not trying to come off harsh lol but thats just how it is man.
those pickups are already good and versatile. the amp seems to be your concern.
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You already have decent enough pickups, if you don't like your sound then the amp is the problem.
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the jazz and the jb are the staple of tone in the metal music industry... i think dave mustaine's kv1 jackson was equipped with those pickups - although i dont remember cuz it was 10 years ago...

i think RR used those pickups though...

+1 amp first then pups. if you play megadeth type music, i'd say go marshall
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