Crit for Crit as always.
I may give this to my band to play.

I'm still working on it, but i would love to hear a UGers opinion.

thank you.

(RSE on, if possible)
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yer i like it a lot.
shame no bass yet(
in the 'RARA' bit it might sound good if you added like a cowbell or chinese or some other crazy drum piece to make it more interesting. slipknot sometimes use a beer keg at times like those lol
its good
although perhaps a tiny bit too dissonant
at the verse. the final chord in the progression, where guitar one plays a 6 on the A string, just sound a little off.
still v good tho
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This is pretty cool, it's more metalcore than screamo though.

The intro riff was generic, but really cool!
At bar 11, I think you need to add a little double kick on the bass, on the 2nd and 4th beats try adding 16th notes on the bass drum, that might sound pretty cool.

The verses seemed too laid back, it should have alot more energy, I think.
But I could imagine some cool screaming over it.

RARA was pretty awesome, it's just a breakdown. But again, I can imagine some cool vocals. I think Ed Butcher's voice would go well there.

The prechorus had the same problem as the bit in 11, with the drums.

The chorus was really seemed too gentle, it should be way more in your face I think.

All in all, for an idea; it's cool!


Crit' mine?

- Carl, xo
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