Hi everyone.

I have decided to replace the pickups and perhaps the pre-amp on my bass guitar to give it new sound capabilities.

However my knowledge on pickups is very limited so I would like some suggestions please

The ideal set of pickups would be able to produce bass tones for most genres. hard rock is the heaviest genre I play and i also play in a church band so they need to also have a warm tone aswell.

I was thinking of a bartolini for the neck and a EMG for the bridge. But I have no idea of any brand other than these two so any other brands that you think would be better please tell me.

Also any sugestions on the pre-amp aswell would be much appreciated

Heres my bass if that helps:


it depends what you play seymour duncans will probably be a good choice for you in my off handed guess
MEC are rather growly, strong air. if you want a warm sound, they can certainly do it, but there are other options available.

EMG and Bartolini are also good options, I can imagine Bartolini doing very well with church music, they seem to retain clarity very well.

what bass is it?
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so perhaps a bartolini for the neck and either a MEC, EMG or Semour Duncan for the rear.

Theres a link to my bass on the first post on the thread.

Im also considering a bartolini pre-amp
Just a thought, if the bass cost you $1500, much won't come from putting above average pickups in there. You'll want really nice pickups, and a really nice pre-amp. That is, if it you need to upgrade it.

Check out Delano, Nordstrands, MEC, and Bartolinis. EMG for high end basses I'm not the biggest fan of. They seem more a mid-range bass thing.

As for a pre-amp, the ones from John East are supposed to be ****ing amazing.
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I like the look of the John East pre-amp, but the one I think will be best is the 5 knob version:


however there is no switch so will the switch i have on my bass now still be able to work?

What's the switch for?

I can't imagine it does anything the John East preamp doesn't do to be honest.
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Its a mid boost switch, good for going from slap to fingerstyle but i suppose its a small price to pay for a jhon east.

Also, what type of tone to the Delano and Nordstrands pickups have. Ive done some researching but nothing realy good comes up
For church music or anything else with that you would use a smooth tone in I would seriously recommend Bartolinis. I haven't played anything with Nordstrands or Delanos though.