Ok, say I'm in a band that's about to start playing shows and I need a cab. But I don't know much about them, only been playing guitar for a year... So, could i stack my current Line 6 Spider III 75w (not a head) on top of a Line 6 4x12 cab? Or do I have to have a head to stack? I don't know how it works and probably made myself look retarded lol.

Thanks UG.
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1) it is possible, if your amp has a speaker out
2) i wouldn't recommend using a Spider 3 in a band, as it is a practice amp
3) and getting a 4x12 cab wouldn't make your amp louder, which i bet you were thinking
Im pretty sure its not possible as i dont think the Spider has a line out to connect to a head. Plus 75 watts solid state would be pushing it kinda on the loudness factor, thou it depends on where your playing and the size. Youd have to have either a head or a amp that has a line out. Also id highly suggest a new amp. So im gonna have to no its not possible to do that.
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Yeah, that's what I was thinking lol. Thanks for the help
If your life was a song, would you sing my name?