Hey ive got my birthday coming up in September and i want to get some new pickups, price doesnt matter
ive got a Schecter Omen 6 with the same pickups it came with
i was looking for some pickups to play some stuff like Lamb of God & Arch Enemy.

so please give me some advice

EDIT: My gear, ive got a Fender Cyber Twin Amp.. my Schecter Omen 6, a lead, thats pretty much about it
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emg's, take a look at the 81/85 combo, or 81/81 or 85/85 if you want to be unique
or seymour duncan black outs

also, what's your current gear?
EMG 81/89 is what's used in the Hellraiser C1 and it's a great combo (better than the 81/85 imo). But I think 81/81 is used less often than either of those other two combos and would make you sound more unique depending on your amp. Check out DiMarzio pickups too. Buckethead uses them in his '59 and '69 Les Pauls.

That's exactly what I've been trying to say.

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I hear good things about SD blackouts.

I'd look into it.

I have them in my 07' Gibson Classic.

DEEP, DEADLY, and that guitar resonates like a mutha...

Blackouts will be the ONLY pickups I play on guitars..

Blackouts vs EMG's?

Blackouts = more tone, more output, all while producing an overall cleaner and less "muddy" tone
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LoG plays with a JB and a 59 right?
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when i hear metal pickups or even just pickups only tree letters come to me EMG is not just fanboysm they really have a killer sound trust me
the combo is 81/85 but the one that kick ass is the 81 believe me they are not famous just because a big guy the seems like a viking or a biker uses them

they are killer tone
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LoG plays with a JB and a 59 right?

i saw a picture of mark morton using emgs recently...
im sure they were emgs anyway

michael amott from arch enemy uses a seymour duncan JB/59 jazz combo

edit: according to wikipedia, chris uses a caparison humbucker in the bridge and two seymour duncan hotrails
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If money isn't a problem, buy Bare Knuckle as they're the best you can buy. I've had DiMarzio and Seymour Duncan before but Bare Knuckle are streets ahead.
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If money isn't a problem, buy Bare Knuckle as they're the best you can buy. I've had DiMarzio and Seymour Duncan before but Bare Knuckle are streets ahead.

My metal is more br00t4lz than yours

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if your going for active pickups you might have to get the body routed also, take into consideration, try Dimarzio D-activators i've heard there as good as active pickups but without getting it routed etc.
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