So about 5 nights ago me and my buds were walking down the neighborhood streets, it was quite cold this particular day so I wore a sweatshirt and kept the hood up because I was having quite a bad hair day. Me and my possie were walking up the road when we spotted a long lost friend of ours way down the road, so we began to run to him. On our way running we saw these two kids that seemed to be afraid of us, when I heard "FASTER TOM!! RUNN!" I knew that they were sterotyping. Within a minute or two I hear "RUSSELL! WHAT THE F*CK!!!!" and wonder what is wrong with this kid. I then realized that my shoe was untied and decided to stop to tie it, while the others waited for me to do that. Right as I was about to bend over to tie them a body mass was running towards me. The little prick slapped my face and went body first into me, squishing the ketchup packets I had inside my bra (yes I am a man with boobs, get over it). A branch fell off of a nearby tree and the kid passed out and his wallet went flying, we knew that we couldn't give it to him so we returned the items to the local police station for him to pickup.

Don't you just hate it when people change stories to make them seem like the victim?
Also, don't you think people acting like this is taking a sterotype a little too far?
I actually do have schizophrenia, so stop making fun of people who have it.

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How old is that thread? a little under a week? These lines are getting over used and the (originally funny) lines are getting ruined by me hearing it in every single topic in the Pit.
This is fail, and you're not a senior ug member, unless this isn't your first account.
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He edited it to try to save himself from getting flamed any further.

I can see right through your little plan!
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