I'm upgrading my PRS.....

will as strat bridge fit on my Santana SE?

10x guyz
Probably not without major modifications to the bridge cavity, but then I have to admit I don't actually know from experience.
What I have heard from people using this PRS is that the trem indeed has the annoying tendency to drop the tuning after a steep dive, but so have the Fender bridges. The two share a lot of design features, so I really wonder if such a switch is a solution for any problem you encountered.
There may be better options.
First is of course to check if your bridge is really well set up. There are some subtilitys to those vintage bridges that are not fully understood by all guitartechs, like the fact that the screws holding it to the body should not be fully tightened. Correcting such a mistake works wonders on the tuning stability.
But if there's nothing to gain here, you should ask yourself the question; is using the whammy indeed an important element of my playing style? If not, then I'd say; hardtail the son of a gun. Just a few clogs of wood on either side of the beard underneath the bridge and all your problems are traded in for a whole truckload full of additional sustain. It's completely reversable too, so your guitar will loose nothing of its resale value.
If you do actually like to yank the lever a lot, then a Floyd Rose might be the way to go. They may be a bit unwieldy from an engineering point of view, but they do a far better job than any vintage trem I know of.
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get a super vee for it ?

fits in strats and is double locking :P
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get a super vee for it ?

fits in strats and is double locking :P

What you could do is dismount your bridge assembly and take it to a shop that has Super Vee's in stock. Also bring along a sliding micrometer and the rest of the guitar. Most important parameters are string spacing and the size of the beard (width, breadth and depth). String spacing is essential to get the intonation right, while the size of the beard determines whether or not the the Super Vee fits into the body cavity.
It would be nice, but not essential, if the new bridge covers as least the area of the current screw holes and edges of the cavity.
At the other end there is the special nut that fits snugly into place on a strat. Nut width and string spacing must match. Problem may be that your PRS has a completely different headstock design, so you should look at this very thoroughly. If you're lucky enough, people at the shop can help you on this.

Main challenge in this particular case is the current value of your guitar. The normal procedure in this forum is to take a dispensible cheapy, butcher it up to bold on some high quality parts, and finally buy a good basic guitar especially selected to put these quality parts into really good use. Your PRS, on the other hand, is as fine a guitar as they come. If you can't do it without making radical modifications, the project doesn't make economic sense. In that case you'd be far better off financially if you'd keep it stock while buying another guitar especially to go on the dive bombing missions
Wouldn't locking tuners, a graphite nut and a roller bridge help?
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