I'm not sure where else I should put this, so I figure (probably against my better judgement) why not ask the pit?

You see, I bought a record player recently and I'm having trouble hooking it up to my good set of speakers - the set of speakers I use for my computer (MacBook). Now for all you audio experts out there:

The player supposedly comes with a built in preamp that boosts the signal to line level. Now, the MacBook has a line level input jack (usually used for microphones). With a simple adapter cord, I can take my RCA jacks from the player and make them into a line level jack for the computer. I go into system preferences and switch the audio input to the line-in and it shows that I am receiving signal from the player. From there, I plug my speaker cable into the headphone jack, where it belongs. Unfortunately, I still get no sound from the player through my speakers.

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