I've had a electric guitar for over a year but I've never even touched it until now--

I have NO experience at all with a guitar and have no idea about notes, chords or anything about what they mean or how to play them

I've looked at several youtube videos and read a few tutorials online but they always confuse me, I can't figure out what people are doing in videos because it's hard watching both hands at once and seeing where the strings are at

I tried reading this tutorial: http://guitar.about.com/library/weekly/aa071200j.htm

but when it says to start playing chords (it shows a picture of what to play) I get completely lost... like what are open strings? How do I know which string to strum while holding what down?

I need some ABSOLUTE beginner books or tutorials (even though that one said it was) that explains things better so if anyone has some good books, tutorials or videos for total beginners that would be great.

As for taking lessons I'd rather learn the very basics on my own to get a feel of it before I decide to pay someone to help me
open strings are just strings that are played without being fretted.
lessons are well worth it. if you're dead set against em, though, i'm sure there's a dummies book or something out there that'll teach you guitar.
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yeah i guarantee you if you go a music store, or a book store, they will have instructional textbooks for guitar. and like the guy said above me, i'm sure theres a guitar for dummies.
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check out justinguitar.com

I too recommend checking out Justin's website.

Justin has prepared a series of video guitar lessons specifically designed for beginning guitar students.

But everybody's different. Some people learn well on their own with a dvd or a book. Some people need a teacher. If you're having trouble following a dvd or video, then you should get a guitar teacher.