Not sure if posted yet here so sorry if it was but ya...

40 songs
30 megs
4 minute download (but i have 5mg down inturdnet)

for those that may not know this is an album comprised of UG'r submissions. Read OP and faq's on downloading here:


hope link works and i'll check it out tomorrow and bump again...

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i'll check out this when i get home. I downloaded the first one but never extracted the files from the zip format.

Oh, and i misread the title as "U2 album is up"
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i never know about these until there done. i hope i find out about the next one so i can submit something.
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Can there be a preview?
I want to know what it sounds like before I waste possible time.
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I think your best bet on a review is to just read thru that Thread for now. I haven't even done that yet. I did download it but I have not listened yet...may take a few days before I can get to it.

I was curious if anyone that frequents GG&A is on there at all.

I believe it will be this time every year. I don't hang out in the Pit much but they had a Sticky running on it for a while leading up to cut off (I believe).

Bostonrocks is on there, but I still have to listen to his song.

I have to say, meh!'s playing on Legend of the Broken Slide is rather impressive.
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