Hello, I have two questions about the tiny terror amp. I tried searching the forums but could not find the exact answers to my questions.

What I would like to know is:
a) Because the tiny terror is only a single channel amp head, if I needed to switch from clean to dirty tones, what would be my options.. Gain Booster, Boss OverDrive, BluesBreaker.. I really want to just use the tiny terror for high gain stuff but I cant switch it to clean again in a song.
b) Could the tiny terror keep up with an Vox ac30 in a live gig if it was run through a 1x12 orange cab? Or would I need something bigger? We are talking small gigs because I will mike it for bigger ones...

a)People on youtube have used a Tubescreamer and a MXR Boost to reach metal territory, but I dunno how clean the amp would be without the boost. I doubt it is much, since this amp is barely audible with the gain below 12 o'clock, even with the volume cranked.

b)If the amp is overdriven, it should be fine, but if it is in a clean setting you won't be heard.
a) roll back the volume on your guitar? it wont get completely clean i guess, but cleanish
b) the ac30 is a freakin loud 33w amp - i dunno bout the tt, but the ac30 will definitely be loud(er)
like that guy^ said - it will be loud enough overdriven, thast for sure


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