Hey UG, sorry if I've got the wrong section.

My band NEEDS a PA system that will fit 3-4 mics, we've got 2x 100w SS Quad guitar cabs, 1x 350w Quad bass cab, basically. I'm looking for something that will go loud enough without clipping or going distorted for mainly indoor venues, anywhere from the size of a bar to the size of a gymnasium, and outdoor venues as large as half a football field perhaps even bigger.

Basically, if I can save money I will, but if I can't, I'll probably have to wait a bit to get some more money.

so here's what I need

4 mics
4 mic stands
large PA system that hooks 3-4 mics.

what can you guys do to help?
For pa's i suggest looking into the Peavey ones as well as speakers (pretty inexpensive) and Sennheiser e835 mics.
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