Solid playing, and solid singing too. Not too mainstream But that's not important really. I like the 'nah, nah, nah's' they sound good with those harmonies. There are some timing issues in spots (and I think I heard someone talking in the background about midway through, I'm not exactly sure where it was, because the timer function went off on myspace) good synth effects right after the break in the song. Then you go to a nice fade, it does seem like a kind of abrupt fade to me, but pretty good!

crit 4 crit

Thanks for the crit. The first four minutes or so was a live recording, we haven't gotten to a studio yet, so all our tracks are a bit rough still. I'll check out your song right now
i really enjoyed it. great unique style and kind of a fun listen. the "Na's" part is my favorite, but have you thought of lyrics there? or is it intentionally na's... there's nothing wrong with the na's, i just think its such a great melody that some deep lyrics would really bring out its power. your choice tho. great combination of unorthodox instruments, its a really experimental and unique sound in such a basic genre. The vocals are a little hard to understand/hear at times, but the melody is very good. If you can rerecord the vocals on a separate track, you could probably bring the sound forwards. it sounds like you might not have the budget though.

well, i liked it a lot. please, c4c?

Saying the Red Hot Chili Peppers have no talent is like saying Guy Fawkes didn't have an epic mustache.
I love indie folk. My **** is indie folk too...kinda...maybe you will like it. you should up your vocals levels a smidge(on some tracks, others are fine) . icharus is rad. (you know its spelled icarus right?) haha. good stuff.