an acoustic song called

every time i think of u,
all the tears start rolling down my face
like an open faucet..
since the day u left i've always been thinking of u
i cant help it, you're tatooed on my mind
cause when u walked away,you took everything withyou
leaving me, lost and out of words...

And now i try to make,make up all these distractions
just forget, forget our past..
not give in,give in to all temptations..
to help me realise, that u are gone...

Just the sight of ur smile,
gives me strength to move on
but it's hard to carry on, when it seems like,
you dont noe me at all
let me breath, just let me know
that u're there by my side
without regrets...


Now im trying hard to get all ur attention
trying to be, that eye catching attraction
help me solve my problem,
cause all i want is one more chance
only you can make me feel alive again.

cause all i wanna do,is make up all these distractions
to forget,what we've gone thorugh...
and i've given in, and accepted these temptations
Cos i've realise, i dont want u gone....=)

comments and critics are really appreciated(:
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