I'm considering building my own pedalboard as the ones on the market atm seem like overpriced pieces of plastic. I was thinking of something like:
*Piece of MDF
*Black carpet to cover the MDF (could I secure this with an industrial stapler/nail gun as opposed to glue?)
*Rubber feet
*Aluminium strips for edging
*Could I use this power Supply?
*Patch Cables

On this pedalboard I plan to put:
*535q wah
*Boss DS-1 Distortion
*Boss DD-3 Delay
*Boss CS-3 Compress/Sustain
*TS-808 OD
*EHX Small Clone
*EHX Holy Grail
*MXR Phase 90

I was wondering if I this pedal board would work. Paticuarly will the power supply be sufficient (I can't afford a voodoo labs pedal power - $350 or power brick - $250). We get ripped off Down Under. Because I live in Australia I need a 240v power supply.

Also I was told that the EHX pedals will require a different power tip. I was wondering which cable I could use (I've heard there called polarity reversers)
The gear:

* Epiphone Les Paul Custom
* Schecter Jeff Loomis Signature 7 String
* Fender Squier P Bass
* Blackstar Stage HT-60
* Original Crybaby
* EHX Small Clone
* Boss DD-3
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That power supply should do it. but daisy chain can't be avoided here.. and get the best quality adaptor you can get.Bad adaptors can generate alot of hum.


EDIT. i don't know if the have Onespot adaptors there. those are the best you can get in my opinion, many people that build a pedalboard use Onespot
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