So, any fans of Bill Evans here? I recently acquired his album "I Will Say Goodbye" and been highly impressed of his playing ever since. Any suggestions which of his albums should I get next?
Yes, I do like Bill Evans. Why does that fact that I don't like Santana make it so strange? I'll probably get "Conversations with Myself" next.
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I'll probably get "Conversations with Myself" next.

that'd be a p.l.a.n. It's basically Bill Evans multi-tracking himself, so the net effect that he achieves is at any given moment, it's 3 of himself simultaneously playing and interacting on 3 separate tracks. It was so incredibly far out for its time, and it's still just as fresh when you listen to it now.

Also if you dig Bill Evans, I would suggest getting into Keith Jarrett (my favorite pianist).

PS: Now I'm prompted to start a thread on jazz pianists - I don't hear too many people talking about them here.
I love the Sunday at the Village Vanguard allbum. Thats the only Bill Evans I have, but it is probably some of my favorite jazz ever.
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"But Beautiful", with Stan Getz.
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kind of blue ...miles davis....

he uses such economy and taste...
Portrait In Jazz, Explorations, Village Vanguard definitely. Undercurrent, which he recorded with Jim Hall is also awesome.

My favorite albums of his are the ones he did with Scott LaFaro, they complimented each other so well.

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kind of blue ...miles davis....

he uses such economy and taste...

I'm going to die miserable, because I'm, never going to play with someone who comps as beautifully as he does on that album.
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