I need to know if Ernie Ball Super Slinkys will work with a Licensed Floyd Rose. I've been told that they wouldn't because they stretch out too much and don't stay in tune. But I've also been told that they work fine as long as I stretch them out after I put them on.

What type of strings would you recommend if any?
Personally, I use Ernie Ball .10s on an original floyd as well as a licensed floyd with no problem. Stretch 'em, tune up, stretch them again, etc, until it stays in tune, then put the nut back on. Works for me!
i think any string would be okay as long as you stretch it first after putting them. i use Daddario, Rotosound and GHS by the way.
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Who told you Ernie Ball strings stretch out? All strings will do that when new. Who ever said that doesn't know how to properly string a guitar. Once you install them and tune it to pitch, grab each string in the middle of the fret board and give it a few easy tugs upwards so you stretch them then retune again. All strings stretch a bit when new then settle in, its normal.
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