I'd get the strat.

The ibanez seems like a jaguaresque sorta guitar imo so Im guessing it'll be reasonably versitile, but not as much as the strat.

and I think strats look nicer than that Ibanez
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What style of music is that JTK4 made for?

I think it's based around old classic rock and psychedelic music? Look for reviews on it on Harmony Central or UG's own review section.

Also, I advise trying out the guitars in store, Fender Mexican QC is a tad sketchy so you may pick up a lemon guitar if you buy blindly.
get the strat. stratocasters are good guitars (i have a squier one) and it looks just so much better than the other one
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Get the strat. You will get a MASSIVE amount of different tones out of a strat. Especially HSS.
I'd get the Strat. And I'm not being bias here, the Fenders are the probably the best guitars for about the price. And it'll be very versitile.
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