I am looking for a decent Guitar Tuner (6 strings) for under £20 ($40) and i do not know which Brands or what Tuners are the best, can you give me some names?

Also i am looking to get a 20ft (Gold plated maybe? I heard they are the best?) Guitar lead for under £15 ($30), any brands that stand out?

Also, i am looking to get a capo, have no idea which ones are best as they seem fairly similar in job description. So between £5-£10?

I use an Ibanez S320 and Roland Cube 60 if that will affect your advice?

Thanks for any help in advance, i really need the advice!
tuner-there all the same if its just for guitar
cable-wat ever works
capo-5-10$? haha good luck, there liek 40 or 30 at my local stores
+1 to the guy above except the capos vary alot on the material, i imagine you could just rubber band it or something if your looking really really cheap
Boss TU-80, any cable is good, and capo's from Reverb and PMT will probably do you well.

Capo's are all about the same to be honest, as long as you get the bull-clip like ones, and not the strap-like ones.