What are you going to use it for?
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What are you going to use it for?

well i ll want to put all my music on it (my music library is about 9GB), use it for word processing etc

but i might want to put a game on it
if youre gonna play any games dont get this computer. The screen's only 12 inches. I would go for at least 13.2, maybe 15.4 if youre gonna do a buncha games.
Doesn't look very good. Celeron processors, etc... Go to www.notebookreview.com and ask there, they have a specific sub-forum for laptop suggestions and can help you choose your laptop better than we can.
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This laptop is not suited for games at all unless your going to play some low tech game you will need to get a better laptop. Try looking for one with a pretty good graphics card preferably a ati radion or nvidia geforce.