I just spent a hell of a lot of money on a guitar, and need an excellent strap to ensure that it doesn't drop.

I've been looking all over the internet, and have come to the conclusion that a "strap locking system" might be my best bet. I was looking at a dunlop one found here:


Please give me some insight. Thanks.
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I was actually going to suggest strap locks when I came in here, but you seem to have beat me to it.

They're a good investment. I have some on my bass, and it's not gonna come off the strap anytime soon.
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Get some schaller strap locks on the guitar, and buy a leather strap made by Levys.

Get a nice thick leather padded strap.

Absolute OWNAGE.

Schaller straplocks cost about £10/$20

Levys straps are around £30/$50
DiMarzio cliplok...you'll never need another strap lock system.

however, if you want a bit more flexibility as to what strap you want to wear...i'd recommend the dunlop's.
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