I'm considering a new amp, but I need portability, so I'm going to go with a combo amp instead of a stack. I would like some opinions on the Bugera 333 and Bugera 6260. I know the company is relatively young, so they don't have a solid reputation yet.

What are the main differences in these two amps, and what do you think of them? The nearest stores that would sell them are an hour drive from me, so I need to know if its even worth it to take the trip.

I will probably not spend over $800. I play lead guitar in a metal band, so I need a loud amp.
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Well, the 6260 is based on the 5150 from Peavey, while the 333 is based on Peavey's Triple XXX.

So I guess you could compare those two.
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Unfortunately I haven't tried the 333, but I do own a 6260. I haven't had any problems with it, it sounds great. And it's got two channels, not one.
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the 333 has three channels and the 6260 has only one I think.

333 FTW

Nope, 6260 has two. And 2x12 tube combos aren't exactly portable.
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Both the 333 and 6260 have 6L6s. (EL34s come with the 333XL).
Both amps really sound fantastic. The 333 has 3 switchable channels, so you have access to the crunch channel via a footswitch. On mine, the crunch channel is my favorite of th three. It has more punchy upper mids - although less gain than the lead channel it sounds "bigger".
IMHO I think the EL34s give you a bit more depth. The pick attack is still very immediate, but sustained notes seem to have a more 3D quality to them.

Definitely worth the hour drive to check them out.

The combos are very heavy with no side handles. The head version with a 212 cab is about as portable as you can get with these.
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ive got the 6260 head and that weighs alot, i cant imagine for a second that the combo would be light enough to be considered portable!!

just look into 2x12 cabs! this is going to be in £££ not dollars $$$ but the numbers still make sense. head was £350 i bought my cab second hand for £60 (nice vox one forget the make and model) and ive seen the combos at around £450! so its cheaper to buy the separates!

and lets face facts, if you are on a gig with several other bands, someone will be bringing a cab!