I have several riffs or chord progressions i like and a few solos i like also. but i cant seem to find a way to transition from the main riff into the solo.
Why not play the main riff underneath the solo? Should help tie the whole thing together.
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crescendo with the drums to build some tension then release it with super god like shredding
Quote by Tobiness
crescendo with the drums to build some tension then release it with super god like shredding

Yeah....cause a solo without shredding just isn't a real solo...

If it's a fast paced song a drum roll could work, or if you wanna progress into the solo with the guitar maybe play some of the riff, and then for the rest of the bar play a part of the solo? (ugh....I'm really not explaining this properly....let's try an example)

Example :



you can play this


then instead of playing the b5, and e5, play a little solo-ish thing over it.

I hope i explained this well.
Have the normal riff lead into a bridge riff that has a dramatic tempo or key change. It all really depends on what type of music you're playing.


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thank everyone, the style of music im playing is hard rock metallica more or less, the drum idea was great but my drumer is new and will have to work on it.as for the tab its basic but here it is.I also have a problem with makeing solos, I know alot of the ticks and tech. but i cat put it all together.I kinow this has nothing to do with the original ? but id love some help on that also.thanks

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