So I've been having some trouble with my AD30, I have almost no sustain what so ever. I'm 99% sure it's not my guitar because I get plenty of sustain on my little peavey rage 158. (When I say "plenty" I mean as much as i can get from a standard squire strat) Anyone else have this problem, Could it be a bad wire or something?
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Noise reduction? Is there something I'm missing here? Not to sound like a total noob but what do you guys mean?
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While the amp is on, and the bypass light is red( If it's not just press the bypass button), turn the EDIT 1 knob fully counter clockwise while holding down the TAP button.

That will set the noise reduction to zero, and hopefully solve your problem
yeah, the noise reduction is a feature that is easy to adjust by accident, and not many people are aware of it being there. So they accidentally set it too high and it cuts off their sustain and they thing its something wrong with the amp. hence the "reliability problems" you sometimes hear about.
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Ok, Thank you all for your help. I got my sustain back =)
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