I need a smaller practice amp to take around and be able to play more freely just jamming with friends or whatever(I have a 120 watt 2 by 12 combo in mny basement which is a pain to lugg) . I got a deal on a VOX ADV15VT for $166 but I was wondering if I should ahve gotten the DA5 because of better portabilty. I need help becuase taking it back would be as easy as if I didnt get it, then I could get the DA5($110, which would save me more money so i could get a small acoustic amp, like a crate or something). HELPPPPP
No, I'd stick with the AD15VT as it's hybrid and not all digital.

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Quote by JMcG92
No, I'd stick with the AD15VT as it's hybrid and not all digital.

hybrid amps are just a gimic, the tube in the preamp doesn't affect the sound, just find one that sounds good to you, don't worry whether it's tube or SS
Good choice. The AD15 is pretty portable, so don't worry, you made the right choice. It's not like it's heavy.
Not sure about the DA 5, But the DA 20 spanks the Ad series. And the battery capability is great for outdoors.
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