Poll: Favorite Queen's songwriter?
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Freddie Mercury
44 67%
Brian May
14 21%
John Deacon
7 11%
Roger Taylor
1 2%
Voters: 66.
So who is your favorite songwriter from Queen?

We have Freddie Mercury, responsible for tracks like "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Don't Stop Me Now", "Death On Two Legs"...
We have Brian May, responsible for songs like "'39", "The Prophet's Song", "Who Wants To Live Forever", and "We Will Rock You".
We have John Deacon, responsible for songs like "I Want To Break Free", and "Another One Bites The Dust".
We have Roger Taylor, responsible for songs like "I'm In Love With My Car", "Radio Ga Ga", and "A Kind Of Magic".

I'm picking Brian May. I love the Freddie Mercury's songs, but I don't think that he can compete with the beauty of '39 and the geniality of The Prophet's Song.

Freddie Mercury wrote Bohemian Rhapsody

He's better
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We have Freddie Mercury, responsible for tracks like "Bohemian Rhapsody",

Stopped reading there, Freddie Mercury.
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John Deacon. You're My Best Friend FTW!
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i like some of the songs freddy wrote the best: bohemian, killer queen, we are the champions
although the band has a huge catalogue of great songs outside of freddy's writing
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It's very hard to choose. Each member wrote equally brilliant material. However, I personally like John Deacon's songs. Sorry, Brian, Freddie, and Roger. Also, Queen FTW.

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Freddie Mercury.

He wrote 'Bohemian Rhapsody', which came 2nd in the MAX Non-Stop Top 5000 countdown for best song of all time.

Second place - Brian May.

This generation overlooks him, and also, he wrote 'Who Wants to Live Forever'.
Brian. Prophet's Song WTF!

Aaah, people can you hear me?
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I was pretty torn between Freddy Mercury and John Deacon, so I chose John Deacon.
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Freddie Mercury.. no doubt..

But Deacon comes pretty close..
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