errm help needed here....

I have an epiphone les paul studio
and a vox AD15VT

now i'm having real difficulty getting the sound I want out of my amp.
It's either too classic rock and clean or just heavy metal style.
What i really want is like a modern rock kind of sound.
I like my chemical romance and i want a sound like theirs.

this youtube video shows the kind of sound i'm looking for:


ignore all the pictures and stuff just focus on the sound

now i know this has all been cleaned up in the studio and i'm not gonna get exactly this sound but it shows what i like.

now on my amp i have:

amp settings:
- boutique CL
- Black 2x12
- tweed 4x10
- AC15
- AC30TB
- UK 70's
- UK 80'S
- UK modern
- numetal
- US higain
- boutique OD

- auto wah
- comp
- comp phaser
- comp+chorus
- chorus+delay
- chorus+reverb
- flanger+ reverb
- tremelo+reverb
- rotary +reverb

i also have GAIN, TREBLE, MIDDLE, BASS and VOLUME settings

i know my chemical romance use marshall amps

so do i need to get a new amp or can i make the sound i wnat with the amp i have???

Ray says :

Right now I'm using Marshall JCM 2000s® the DSL100 with two 1960A cabinets. I don't use many pedals. I'm very basic. I just have a Dunlop Crybaby wah, Boss EQ pedal, Boss Pitch Shifter to do harmonies, Boss Chorus Ensemble, and Electro-Harmonix POG Polyphonic Octave Generator, which you can set up to play one octave below, an octave above, or two octaves above. You can make your guitar sound like a Hammond B3 organ when you use that in combination with the chorus pedal. It's a really cool pedal.

My main guitar right now is a Gibson Les Paul Standard that I think is either from '91 or '93 which I picked up while on tour. I have Seymour Duncan Phat Cat (SPH90-1) P90-style pickups in it which are the size of a humbucker. They're amazing. I'm really psyched about them. I have another Les Paul Standard which is probably from '93 and it has a Seymour Duncan JB (SH-4) in the bridge position and the neck pickup is whatever came on the guitar. My brother was the person who had turned me onto the JB. It was the first after market pickup I bought because he said that I had to get a Seymour Duncan JB!
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Play about with your amp using the manual settings and effects till you find one that you like, you just gotta persevere to get the right sound.

yeh i know but
i think i have persevered for a few WEEKS trying to get the sound i wnat it still ain't coming cos all the amps are stupid amps
thanks anyway
I cant watch youtube videos. What song is it? If its from the black parade Im not helping you...
Quote by les.paul.rocker

yeh i know but
i think i have persevered for a few WEEKS trying to get the sound i wnat it still ain't coming cos all the amps are stupid amps
thanks anyway

Your amp didn't cost $2000 and your tone hasn't been subject to $40000 worth of studio equipment so you can't expect it to sound the same.
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