Hi ,
Im looking for a good electric guitar , one that you can use to play some metal and stuff like that and i was looking at the LTD EX series ( http://www.espguitars.com/guitars_ex.html ) so some up's and down's please? or otherwise some advice on other guitars
PS: i have a epiphone les paul studio , so ill need something to top that by far

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those guitars are LTD not ESP,
And what is your budget, amp and what kind of music you play (i guess metal) You aren't even saying which of those guitars you are looking at, big price difference between the LTD Ex-50 and LTD Ex-400
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hmmm the eclipse is a pretty great guitar, but then again you already have a LP body,
i dont know man get somthing different, whatever you do dont get standard strat body model, get a warrior or a V or an explorer

stand out!!!!

ps. after you buy your guitar put some killer pickups on it
If you want a Gibson shape you might want to look into the Epiphone Prophecy series - they seem built for metal. They make Explorers, SGs and Les Pauls in that range.
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