On a website i just read that you should find out how much warming up on vocals is too little and too much..

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I geuss if you did a 10 hour warm up for your vocals it could strain them a bit?

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It means where you've put too much effort into "warming up" before a performance or practice and have either shot your voice doing warm ups, exhausted yourself too much to give a strong performance, or you've passed your peak and are on the edge of simply running down your voice.
You can do it on any instrument. Like if you had a big show where you were playing guitar so you did a ton of warming up to prepare yourself, only to find out that you played too hard and got a blister during your warm ups, or your hand was cramping up or something. Same idea, different application.

The voice, like anything else, can be tired out from too much work.
If you warm up too much, you are hot?
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Well let's look at both ends of the spectrum. Too little (none): your throat isn't prepared to sing certain notes, and your voice doesn't sound as good as possible. Too much (as in way too much): Your throat is tired, and again, you can't hit certain notes. Your throat may hurt and your voice is raspy.

To find the balance, try to eliminate any problems associated with either end of the spectrum. I hope that helps.

I guess other people above me said it better.
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I'll logic you right in the thyroid.

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