Hey guys/girls

First time posting in this section.

So i got my first Pedal to be more precise a Modtone:SpeedBox (Distortion XL)

Iam useing my Pedal thru my ''Clean'' channel what whould the effects be if i changed it over to ''Lead'' whith >Gain on, and my pedal on allso? could i damage my amp?

And second question is:
Should i disconnect the pedal after Use,ore is it enough just to unhook the cable that goes to my input on the guitar,i was thinking so that i dont drain the batterys,If it drains them att all when not in use?
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You won't damage it.

You might damage your ears with all of the muck and ear piercing feedback.
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you need to take the cable out of the pedal input, otherwise the battery will lose power


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Odds are it won't damage your amp. Turn your volume down pretty low on your amp when you turn the pedal on in the "lead" mode, then gradually turn up the volume on your amp. It will probably sound a little rough but mess around with the eq and any other knobs and see what cool sounds you get. When your finished, make sure to unplug the cable from the insert on the pedal. If you don't, your batteries will die for sure.
Good Luck
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It cannot harm your amp. So see for yourself what happens when its switched on the lead channel. Many people prefer their distortion pedals through the clean channel though.

Get an Adapter for sure, but until then, disconnect the cable in the input to prevent battery drain.
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