Hey, i recently noticed that when i play something that i dont use my pinky finger in, i tend to stick it right out. is this a bad habit or should i care at all? heres a really bad diagram......... neck--> l/ <-- pinky EDIT: Hey, I just noticed Vai does this too sometimes! it must not be as bad as i thought
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i have the same habbit. and i dont think its too bad, but ive been trying to correct by actually playing with my pinky.
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yeah that is a bad diagram haha. I suppose it might create unnecessary tension in your hand but idk
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dosnt make a difference
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Well, I know I've seen quite a few people do this, and I know a lot of people tend to "tuck" their pinky in while doing things like sweeping, I've really only ever heard that tucking your pinky in while sweeping makes a difference (as it makes you slower I guess).

Bottom line I don't think you have a problem. If you are concerned about it just try to play more with your pinky I suppose.