Yeah, my dad's gf works at Sony ericsson, so i have easy access to their headphones. I use it with an extension thing, because they are short, and my Zen. However, about every 3 months, the plastic coating gets worn away near the separater. Is this my fault? Do you guys have the same problem?
This is sort of what they look like - on the right

EDIT: Fixed the link.
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Well, the image is up, so? Someone HAS to have these, they're included with all sony ericsson phones ffs.
That happens with me all the time. I thought it was because they cheap.

Also..Whats with all the new topics being closed. o.O it's irritating me.
I just got what you ment, yeh it happened to me once aswell, but they last me a good whole year or so
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Yeah, it's you. Never had that happen.

I have gone through 3 or 4 of those in 4 years, though. Those things really break easily.