what are some good ways to warm-up, i notice that, i can't sweep or alternative pick as fast as i usually can without 20 minutes or so of warming up, what are some warm-ups you guys use, i just practice a few scale runs and chord progressions.
I go 1234, 1423, 4321, 1324, 3241, etc, up until the twelfth fret.
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Scales, easy riffs, chords, strumming, bits of solo's from songs. Stuff like that. Also, use a metronome for warming up as well as rehearsing, starting slow (like 80 bpm) and gradually increasing the speed. This avoids over stretching in your hands and makes sure you are playing accurately.
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scales, some picking thing that is amazing, i tried uploading it, but its the wrong file type. and easy songs
btw, have you guys ever had your fingers sore from to much playing? Like from tapping or hammer-ons or pull offs
Well as I'm into acoustic guitar, kind of, but a bit of a different pain. I get a sharp throbbing down the outside of my smallest finger, that runs down to about my wrist, and I'm not sure how it happens or why. I get the same sort of pain in between my thumb and first finger I also get pains in my lower right arm when strumming sometimes, but I think thats because of the way I rest my arm on the guitar.
yea i think, when i play acoustic, my fingers get stiff after a while idk y?
Hmm well I know I used to click my bones in my fingers alot so it might be due to that, but it also may be due to the fact that acoustic is harder to play than electric in terms of the string thicknesses, etc.