Ghost, What If, and Bright Side are new.
Tell me what you think of them? They're on my profile.
Annnd... so you won't be confused and stuff, because my songwriting is awkward sometimes...

Bright Side- I just went through an awkward breakup. This is kind of like a letter to the guy, who has apparantly decided I am a terrible person and a user and stuff.

What If- Basically, a what-if-it-had-worked-out song

Ghost- Someone who drains you emotionally, but you crave their approval and as such are emulating them.
Your voice sounds lovely, almost like maria taylor's (a bit)
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On second thought, **** tuning forks. You best be carrying around a grand piano that was tuned by an Italian
haha ghost drained ME!

very slow... sort of depressing but maybe thats what ur looking to sound like