I wrote this at like 1:30am so it won't be perfect, but i just had a lot of thoughts running around in my head and i wanted to get them down on paper. This song is acoustic, kinda gives the listener a bit of a break from the intensity of our other songs. The only problem i have with it is that it doesn't flow as well on paper, so it won't seem too good flow wise. So without furthur adu, my song, chaos. C4C. Leave me the name or a link, and i'll get back to you as soon as i can.

Vs 1:
You poor antisem.
What do you got, that we don't have?
An instituted prejudice
for an impending fate.

The bird lies beneath the tree
trying to spread his wings.
Where the clock strikes three
a predator awaits.

And ignorance, is at its peak
watching structure fall.
The human race, is second to
an orwellian hate.

Chaos begins again.
Cause what a man's got,
he'll learn to hate.
Pete Loeffler was right.

Or maybe left,
or up, or down.
When power comes,
everything can change.

Vs 2:
You poor antisem.
Still insisting it never happened?
6 million, did they just leave?
Ignorance is strength.

The bird lies in a bubbling sack,
staying there for days.
Trapped inside, like Springfield's dome.
Freedom is slavery.

And ignorance, is enforced
by officers of the law.
But the law says, rebellion is right.
War, is, peace.

Chorus x2

Main riff is played one last time, final notes are left ringing.