Ok, so yesterday I decided to try out some Pantera. But for the love of god, I CANNOT play the main riff in Cowboys From Hell. Chorus, bridge, solo's all fine. It is frustrating me to the point of insanity that I can play the solo but not the main riff. I am stuck on the part from where you switch from 12th fret low E string, to 12th fret A string. The transfer just completely screws me up, and I can't do it. If anyone has any tips, then please help!
try switching it up. you don't have to play it up on the 12 fret, you can play the same riff on the 7th fret, just use the A and D strings instead of the E and A. i find it's easier this way.

also, practice makes perfect.
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Instead of playing the main riff starting at the Low E at the 12th fret...move down to the7th fret on the A string and play the same notes there.

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